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Named after the Magpie Tavern

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Named after the Magpie Tavern in Whitefriars Street – surviving in 1761, yet since a long time ago vanished – and as the road name recommends worked over the site of the Fiary of the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel, the inhabitants of which were all the more generally known by the shade of their mantle as the White Friars.
The 1660s more likely than not been something of a prime for London artisans, the previously stated sanction allowed under the Seal of King Charles II giving its individuals far reaching forces to control the work of stonemasons working inside a 7-mile sweep of the twin urban areas of London and Westminster. The reality of the matter is that some of their forces were step by step dissolved by the huge inundation of common stonemasons expected to help with the modifying of London after the Great Fire; yet adjusting this was the sheer volume of new work required to remake the smoldered wooden houses with new ones of more heat proof block and stone.
Obviously even such incredible an errand as modifying the London couldn't keep going forever, and once the remaking work started to become scarce the organization discovered it could no more accept the level of control on its exchange that it once had. Continuously numbers fell, and in 1865 the liverymen sold their corridor in this way giving up a site they had initially rented from the Prior and Convent of Holy Trinity over 400 years prior.
It is named after a quack specialist who represented considerable authority in anxious issue. "Cures" prescribed to his customer base included being thrown off London Bridge, having a couple of guns released behind ones head – a beyond any doubt discharge when it came to epilepsy, obviously – and a sort of therapeutic brew purportedly 'blazed with an assortment of flavors and tinctures'. The last hit the spot with James I, and positively sounds superior to the guns, and Dr William Butler was in this manner designated to the post of Court Physician.